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’24’ – ‘2:00AM – 3:00AM’ Recap

Hour eleven had its share of “WTF” moments, but it also delivered some fine dark drama, a few gripping scenes, and a crazy shot of a guy blowing up right in front of Jack Bauer’s face.

Renee sat this one out, and Dana’s frustrating B-plot ate up a good chunk of the hour, but I still had a blast with this episode of ’24’. Spoilers after the jump.

Et tu, Tarin?

Most of you probably saw this one coming, but I was actually a little surprised to learn that Tarin was the mastermind behind all the evil IRK craziness. The switch rang pretty false. Tarin has been subtly played up as a good guy all season. He seemed noble and personally committed to protecting Hassan and his family. Revealing him to be a terrorist leader felt like a cheap move. I’m interested to hear what you guys thought about this development. Did you suspect Tarin from the start? Does this switch make sense to you?

So Tarin’s a traitor. Fine, I’ll accept it. Like I’ve said before, you either go with ’24’ or you don’t. At least this means we’ll get to see the talented T.J. Ramini play a bad guy and do all kinds of bad stuff as the season progresses. Something tells me he’ll make a great baddie. I think it’s the eyes.

The oxygen chamber plot was edge of your seat stuff, at times anyway. It’s good to see that ’24’ can still deliver some truly tense moments. It’s also good to see that Grandpa Jack hasn’t turned into a complete softie. He threatened to expose Marcos’ mom to radiation poisoning if he didn’t give himself up. I thought the threat was believable enough. Mare Winningham and Rami Malek (Marcos) did a fine job with their scenes together. Unlike Tarin’s Mr. Hyde move, Marcos decision to give himself up seemed pretty believable. But this thread still ended in tragedy, with the IRK blowing Marcos up and CTU delivering the bad news about Tarin to Hassan.

So I guess Hassan has every reason to be paranoid now. His brother tried to have him killed, he was right about Tarin, and the President is ready to bomb his country. He needs comfort from is wife more than ever now. Good thing she’s back with him, for the moment at least. I’m almost certain that one member of this family won’t make it through the season alive. Despite the chilling preview for next week, something tells me mommy might end up biting it.

Dana and Cole got off pretty light, considering they were missing for almost two hours during an emergency situation. Dana got demoted, putting Chloe in charge (yay!), and Cole was dropped right back into the field, just like he never left. But Dana’s dark past isn’t through haunting her just yet. Kevin’s parole officer – or is he? – is ready to complicate her life even further. This storyline is still a snoozer for me, but it’s nice to see Stephen Root working again, and it looks like he’s having fun with this character. Here’s hoping he makes this B-plot worth watching.

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