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24 Episodes : Gregory Itzin To Reprise Role in ‘The Mentalist’

Do you remember the actor who played the role of disgraced U.S. President Charles Logan in the action-packed series, 24? Yeah you got it right, Gregory Itzin.

The buzz is that the star will be reprising his role in the upcoming episodes of CBS’ police procedural drama, ‘The Mentalist‘. In case you want to catch him in action right now, then download 24 from this website!

The 62-year-old star will be seen in the role of Virgil Minelli, and the episode featuring him in that role will hit the screens this month.

You know what? I am a big fan of Gregory Itzin and love the way he does his work. With massive experience in his kitty, this guy manages to cast his magic in every role. Even though in 24 series, he played a negative role, his commendable screen-presence was worth applauding.

Coming back to his role in ‘The Mentalist’, I would say most of the fans had seen him in the shoes of Virgil Minelli, previously. But the interesting thing to notice this time around will be what kind of new drama his character brings.

Since he had played the role before, I don’t think he is going to face any sort of trouble. But still, I would like to wish him luck!

I guess you guys are aware that the film adaptation of 24 will soon hit the screens. And there is a possibility of Itzin’s return as U.S. President. But nothing has been confirmed in this regard. However, if you wish to recall his performance, then catch 24 episodes online from here and enjoy!

He is one of the most polished actors in the entire industry. And the reason for that is his inclination towards theater acting. Over the years, this star has performed in innumerable plays, and the latest one was ‘Enron’.

I feel this has really helped him. And there is no doubt that he will continue with theater acting as long as he is in the industry.

His performance as President Charles Logan had received critical acclaim from all corners, due to which fans watch 24 online to recall the incidents involving this character.

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