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24 Movie – Kiefer Sutherland teases script

Even Hollywood can’t keep Jack Bauer down. The long-awaited 24 movie may start production as early as April. “I love the script,” Sutherland says. “If I had to do the poster, I’d say, ‘For eight days Jack Bauer had to save his country. Today, Jack Bauer has to save himself’.” Instead of a big global threat unfolding in real time, the movie compacts on day into two hours as JB fights for survival. The script opens with Jack in Eastern Europe before traveling west. “His years of service created a lot of enemies and he’s estranged from the U.S.; he’s been hiding a while,” Sutherland says. “Jack is in a kind a purgatory and he’s running as opposed to chasing, which is a huge shift.” Will Chloe and other familiar faces show up ? “It’s mostly Jack on his own, but he does network out to some of his old team,” Sutherland reveals. “And if I said more than that, someone more powerful than Jack Bauer will have my ass kicked.”

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