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24 Season 8 Episode 10 ‘1:00 AM – 2:00 AM’ Recap

This episode hat it all – action, suspense, tension, and dead bodies on parade. The plot is really heating up now that Jack is “all in” and motivated to stop the terrorists from detonating their “dirty bomb.”

But saving New York City from a radiological nightmare isn’t the only thing motivating Jack to nab the baddies. The man is smitten. He wants to keep Renee safe and sound and free from government prosecution. I guess everyone needs some personal motivation, right?

Take Samir and the IRK terrorists, for instance. Detonating the bomb would be a huge win for them. Not only will they demolish NYC and leave the area uninhabitable for 40 years, but they’ll also plunge the US into a war with Kamistan, successfully thwarting Hasan’s peace negotiations.

I was glad to see Hasan dig himself out of the paranoia-induced hole he’d been living in for the last few episodes and agree to hand over the security files to the CTU. The threat of war and the capture of his brother finally compelled him to start thinking like the progressive leader we met many hours ago. Hasan seems to be moving in the right direction now, but his paranoia trip might cost him his daughter.

She turned her back on him and shacked up with Tarin in a hotel room for some middle-of-the-night lovin’, ignorant about the IRK agents’ plot to nuke the city. This development pushed Hasan to ask his estranged wife for help, putting her life in danger as well. Now if only CTU could identify the terrorists before something bad happens.

Farhad, who decided to get himself shot instead of hiding and waiting for the cavalry, died before he could identify the IRK agents on the security files. Jack’s solution to this problem – pull a ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ with Farhad’s body (or a “Hail Mary” as Hastings called it) and force the baddies to come out of hiding to take Farhad out for good.

Which leads us to Marcos (the appropriately intense-looking Rami Malek). Pairing up the desperate American-born terrorist with green CTU agent Own was an excellent idea. Their nervous energy added some great tension to the final act, especially when Owen forced Marcos to reveal his explosive vest, giving Chloe a nice opportunity to shut it down via remote – which, admittedly, was completely ridiculous.

For a minute there it seemed like Marcos was going to abandon his mission after the vest failed to explode. This is the guy who warned his momma (Mare Winningham) to get outta town before the bomb went off, leading me to believe he had some humanity left in him. But his hesitation faded away as he unloaded his pistol on Farhad’s dead body (I loved the look on Marcos’ face when Farhad’s heart monitor failed to flatline. It was a nice dark comic moment). He even jumped out of a third story window when Jack had him cornered. Now he’s locked himself inside an oxygen chamber, ready to set off the explosives manually. Will momma be able to convince him to give up the fight?

And what about poor ol’ Cole? He’s missing out on all the action thanks to Dana’s dreary B-plot. Why is he helping her? Why did he dump Kevin and Nick’s body? Why didn’t he just arrest Dana and get back to work (if he still has a job to go back to)? Despite my reservations about this plot, I actually like Cole, and I hope things turn out OK for the guy in the end. And Dana? It’s clear Cole would be better off without her. Any guesses for how this plot will resolve itself?

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