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’24’ Season 8 Episode 16 ‘7:00 AM – 8:00 AM’ Recap

The second hour of Fox’s ’24’ double-bill kicked off with the hunt for the CTU mole. This was probably the stronger episode of the two that aired last night, considering the shocking development that ended the hour. This season still feels like its rehashing old plots and twists, but a few of tonight’s scenes and images will probably be burned into the memories of fans for some time to come.

Head after the jump for the spoils.

CTU finally made Dana, and it was Chloe who learned about her double-dealing first. I was hoping we’d get to see another Chloe-Dana face-off, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Instead, Dana shot her way out of the building (poor Jim, he was just doing his job) and she even made it to her car. (How the hell did she make it to her car?) Luckily, Cole seemed to gain superpowers after learning about Dana’s betrayal, and he was able to capture her before she got away.

I guess Freddie Prinze Jr. has become a pretty decent actor, because I really felt for Cole in this ep. His world was rocked, and he was devastated to find out that his fiancée was working for the terrorists all along. Cole refused to accept the truth about Dana at first, but he soon sprang into action, brutally pulling her out of the car by her hair, slamming her against the wall and pressing his gun against her face. Hardcore. Hastings was able to call him off, and Dana saved her own ass by providing valuable intel on Hassan’s location.

Dana negotiated a deal similar to the one Bazhaev tried to cut many hours ago and remained smug and defiant throughout her conversation with Jack. The guy couldn’t help but pick her up and slam her against the wall, a popular move this hour.

Jack and Renee seemed convinced that Dana had more on the line than money. She wouldn’t reveal exactly whom she was working for, which frustrated Jack and the entire team. It’ll be interesting to find out who’s pulling her strings. And if we didn’t hate her enough already, the writers actually gave her the line “Tick tock, Mr. Bauer. You’re running out of time.” Ugh.

Hassan’s back-and-forth with Samir was similar to his conversation with Tarin in the previous hour, only it was more intense. Anil Kapoor was excellent in these scenes. I loved his tone and confidence when he was trying to convince Samir to trust him.

Unfortunately, Samir was too far gone. But Hassan proved stronger than the terrorists had anticipated. He refused to denounce the peace treaty, saying that peace would happen with or without him, countering Ethan Kanin’s awesome line “Without Hassan, there can be no peace.”

Jack remained focused and clear while leading the strike team to rescue Hassan. The writers hiked up the tension and suspense by bringing Renee in on Jack’s assault team. For a while there I thought Renee was a goner for sure, especially after Jack made her promise to stay close to him and follow his lead. But Renee was just a red herring. The real surprise here was Hassan’s brutal death.

The image of Hassan’s dead body will probably be seared into my brain for weeks (so thanks for that, ’24’). It was so devastating that even Jack looked shaken when he saw it. Everyone was visibly defeated and disappointed to learn that the live feed was actually a recording and Samir had killed Hassan before Jack had even entered the building. How exactly did Samir time everything so perfectly? Magic, of course. There’s really no other explanation.

This hour ended on a major downbeat. I’ll miss Kapoor’s presence on the show. I’m not exactly sure where the show is headed, but something tells me that the next big development has something to do with that conversation the Prez had with the Russian delegate.

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