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’24’ Season 8 Episode 18 ‘9:00AM – 10:00AM’ Recap

Things got ugly last night on ‘24.’ Jack Bauer threatened the lives of women and children, brutally smacked the smirk off Dana Walsh’s face, and President Taylor decided to turn a blind eye to the Russian conspiracy.

This episode traded the usual action, explosions and gunplay for serious political drama and some very entertaining, dialogue-heavy scenes featuring the double-dealing Charles Logan.

Let’s start with Logan. Gregory Itzin is obviously having a ball walking in Logan’s shoes again. It’s a pleasure to watch the character play and manipulate everyone he meets, including President Taylor. The standoff between Taylor and Logan in the middle of this ep was the best scene of the hour; it was second only to Logan blackmailing Novakovich with a wink and a smile. Itzin brings a welcome subtle comic air to ’24’ with Logan’s sleazy gait and devious stare. It’s great stuff. Logan has quickly become one of the most compelling people on the show right now. What is his true and complete agenda? Who is his intel source? I can’t wait to find out the answers to those questions.

Jack was clearly devastated following Renee’s murder. He jumped back in to action mode without a minute to really mourn her passing and was hell-bent on avenging her death. His mission to locate Renee’s killer led him back to Bashaev. The Russian mob boss informed Jack about Moscow’s involvement in Hassan’s murder and its connection to Dana Walsh, leading our man straight to CTU to interrogate Ms. Walsh (or whatever her name is). That’s when things really got ugly.

Jack snapped and let most of his anger and aggression out on Dirty Dana. I’d be lying if I said that I enjoyed watching the grisly interrogation scene, but its brutality made the pain Jack was feeling perfectly clear. His resolve to get to the bottom of the conspiracy, and to find that sniper, was also perfectly clear. Unfortunately for Jack, the Prez vetoed his plans.

Faced with a tough moral quandary over peace vs. justice, Taylor chose peace. Her decision to hide the truth about Moscow is probably gonna blow up in her face big-time. She’s willing to let the people who almost nuked Manhattan go unpunished in order to push her flimsy peace accord through. That’s not gonna go over well with … er …the entire frakkin’ world!

Taylor’s choice put her in direct opposition to Jack. He’s dead set on exposing the Russian plot, but he’s gonna have to upset a whole lotta people to do it.

I enjoyed the tense face-off between Jack and Taylor. It was a smart call on her part to put Jack on lockdown. But leaving him in the hands of a fanboy agent and a few faceless CTU guards? Not so smart.

Thank God for Chloe. Watching Jack go rogue and steal the chopper wouldn’t have been half as interesting without the new dynamic between Jack and Chloe.

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