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’24’ Season 8 Episode 8 ’11:00PM – 12:00AM’ Recap

He was stabbed, beaten, electro-shocked and strung up like a side of beef, but that didn’t stop Jack from busting out of the basement of doom with relative ease. Luckily for Jack, it seemed like Bazhaev’s goons forgot to bind his legs. (Why do bad guys always forget to bind the legs?) Our hero only had to employ some fancy footwork to crack his torturer’s neck and escape.

Then, like some tiny feral jungle creature, Jack pounced on another goon, bit him on the neck and drained him of his blood!

OK, maybe that last part happened a little differently, but seeing skinny little Jack jump that chubby baddie was like watching a vampire bat attacking a cow. It was the funniest moment of the season so far.

But there was nothing funny about Jack’s torture scenes, especially when the goon jammed those live jumper cables into his still-bleeding knife wound. Torture scenes are nothing new for ’24’, but they still manage to make me wince and squirm.

I was happy to see Jack finally go all John McClane on the Russians, taking them down one-by-one like a pro and finally apprehending Bazhaev. But the action scenes seemed to lack tension. It never felt like Jack was in any serious danger after the torture scenes. Sadly, Jack’s real-life first-person shooter game was the most thrilling part of tonight’s episode.

Dana/Jenny’s predictable B plot is getting dumber by the minute. As expected, Kevin and Nick weren’t about to split town after she helped them break into the evidence warehouse. Instead, they hit up the nearest strip club to celebrate the score and made their plans clear to her: “Look, bitch … you gon’ be our goldun goose! OK!?”

It’s odd how Nick has become the alpha thug here. When we first met they guy, he seemed like a forgettable flunky, but he’s turned into a dangerous loose cannon. It’s odd, but it still doesn’t make me care a lot about this storyline.

Dana was so close to making her first smart decision of the day — confessing everything to Ortiz. But, for no good reason, Ortiz cut her off before she could ask for his help. I know there are terrorists to deal with and nuclear materials to locate, but come on. If my stressed-out fiancé told me she had a “big problem” and looked like she was about to drop a bombshell on me, I’d at least give her ten minutes to fill me in. But that didn’t happen, and now Dana is armed and dangerous, like a desperate woman in one of those desperate Lifetime movies. Whatever. I’d rather spend more time with Renee.

I was hoping for a big fallout after Renee’s recent dive off the deep end that left Vlad totally gutted and Jack with a hole in his belly. Instead, we got a short emotional scene between Renee and Chloe, and they didn’t even talk about the events leading up to Vlad’s impaling.

Hastings seems ready to throw Renee in the loony bin after she writes her statement. I wonder how she plans to get back in the game now that she’s probably on CTU’s blacklist. It probably won’t be hard for her to give Hastings the slip. The guy has to be the dumbest CTU boss, like, ever.

I know a lot of viewers aren’t liking Hasan’s descent from peaceful leader to paranoid android, but I’m buying it. His brother, whom he trusted with his life, betrayed him. And some of his most trusted advisors were in on his assassination plot. It makes sense that he would trust no one.

I actually find it fascinating to watch Hasan sink deeper into his paranoid delusions. Maybe its just Anil Kapoor’s fine performance that makes the change seem so believable. (Or maybe I’m just hypnotized by his incredibly poofy hair.)

And what about Josef? Stealing the nuclear rods and selling them to Farhad seems like a strange way to get revenge on daddy. I wonder if the President’s amnesty deal for Bazhaev and son still holds considering this development.

This certainly wasn’t the best hour of the season, but it had its moments. Here’s hoping Renee gets back in the game next week, and that something remotely surprising or interesting happens with Dana’s story soon.

Oh, and can somebody kill Arlo already, please? And tell Prinze to ditch the accent.

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