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24 season 8: Press Kits Unwrapped

With just a little over a month before the season eight premiere of 24 (it returns for a two night/four hour event on Janurary 17th and 18th), Christmas came early here at TV Squad this week when we received the new 24 press kit.

The above promotional image for the new season is enough to get us excited — Jack Bauer jumping on top of an NYC cab and aiming a gun at the passenger seat is pretty damn exciting — but just like the cast photo for the new season, it could
contain some secrets as well. Thinks there’s any weight to the word “PLOT” on the folded New York Post? I’m guessing there is, but the press kit didn’t offer any answers.

First things first — “New York Gets Jacked” is pretty much the best tagline 24 has ever had.

No surprises there — more Jack running on top of a cab, pointing his gun at anything that moves.

But on the inside… a DVD with the first four episodes of the new season. Now Jack appears to be pointing his gun… directly at me. I’m starting to feel a little uneasy about this.

After the DVD, while not quite as cool as last year’s Jack Bauer action figure, is still
something that, according to 24 EP and Showrunner Howard Gordon in the enclosed letter, will help me should I experience my own “Jack Bauer moment.”

Well, what does that mean? A gun? A messenger bag? A bullet-proof vest? Two fists?

Ahh… a portable cell-phone charger. Again, though, with the gun and the pointing at my facial region.

Pretty nifty little device actually. I’ve owned one of these before but it was solar powered. Now, I can hide in a sewerage tunnel with full battery on my BlackBerry while dodging sunlight and terrorists.

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