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Annie Wershing: Renne Walker is “Pretty Damaged” on 24

Annie Wershing returns to the role of Renee Walker on the new season of 24.

But she won’t exactly be the same old FBI agent, Wershing said in a new interview.

“She comes back pretty damaged from where she ended in Season 7, definitely darker, and she has some stuff going on,” the actress told TV Guide Magazine. “There is some really cool stuff happening with her, and it’s so cool that I don’t want to ruin any of it!”

Fair enough. Specific 24 spoilers aside, what about the overall plot of season eight?

“The actual crisis this year is the closest thing they’ve had to something that could actually happen tomorrow. It isn’t something that the viewers have to buy into. It’s very real,” Wershing said.

In closing, she was asked if 24 could continue without Jack Bauer, a frightening thought to loyal fans of the series. She replied:

“The concept could work. It could be one day in the life of a firefighter saving something. [But] honestly, because I was a fan of the show [before joining the cast] it’s hard for me to imagine 24 without Jack Bauer. I think the same type of show could work… But I don’t know if fans would be into it.”

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