Comedy Central Confirmed “Idiotsitter” renewed For Second Series

Comedy Central ‘s comedy series Idiotsitter renewed for a 10-episode in second season to air in 2017. #ComedyCentral  #Idiotsitter

The first season of Idiotsitter followed Billie (Newhouse), a cash-strapped, straight and slim Ivy League grad, which hesitantly answered a babysitting ad to create ends meet, only to discover what’s actually needed is a court-appointed guardian for Gene (Bell), an heiress under house arrest in her daddy’s mansion. The finale saw Gene receiving her GED and she and Billie in handcuffs.

Idiotsitte Season 1 Live Stream : Stream 1Stream 2

Now We Watched The duo will be trying their next adventure, a college campus, in season two.

“We’re so excited to get to do this again,” said Bell and Newhouse. “It’s literally the most fun we’ve ever had in our lives. Hopefully the new college atmosphere will broaden our minds and teach us how to butt chug.”