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Elisha Cuthbert – Looking forward to ‘Happy Endings’!

As Kim Bauer, Elisha Cuthbert would always be seen at the heart of some trouble or the other causing her father to spring into instant action.

Yeah that made for an interesting watch too seeing Jack Bauer, member of the CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) leaving everything aside in a bid to aide his daughter.

That was the usual sequence following its course at regular frequency on the series, 24 a show dedicated to highlighting the antics of a special force that tries to protect America from any imminent terrorist attack.

An amazing saga that lasted for almost a decade has not slipped light years away from you the online cubbyhole is there to elate one at any point of time.

Elisha is surely looking forward to her forthcoming comedy series, ‘Happy Endings’ due to be aired on Channel 7.

Ms. Cuthbert would be portraying the part of Alex Moore, a spoilt girl at least in her endeavors.

One must admit she has certainly come a long way for she did start from a literal scratch!

From being a waitress at the Times Square to an actress who is looked up to by so many, Elisha’s story is surely an inspirational one.

On that note one truly wishes that there are more such happy endings for sure!

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