24 – Casting for Next Season

24“, the hit show from Fox Network, is now casting major ongoing roles for the 2010 season.

From the producer of “Arrested Development”, this stylish show is about Counter Terrorist Unit agent Jack Bauer as he struggles to protect the nation from terrorist threats.

24” stars Kiefer Sutherland and Carlos Bernard. It is being written by Joel Surnow and Howard Gordon, and directed by Brad Turner.

The show is produced by Brian Grazer, Evan Katz, Howard Gordon, Robert Cochran, and Joel Surnow for Imagine Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Television.



Dayna Pakkala, any ethnicity, 20s. Dayna is an intelligent and yet down-to-earth data analyst at the Counter Terrorism Agency. She is great at her position and is respected by her colleagues at the agency. Dayna is romantically seeing her fellow agent Davis Cole, who recently returned from serving in the military. This woman has a personal history that she keeps hidden from the people she knows. SERIES REGULAR

Diane Reed, Caucasian, 30s – 40s. Diane is a well-educated, respected, pretty television journalist who is a regular contributor to a show similar to “60 Minutes”. She has always been a very ambitious journalist. She comes from an upper-middle-class background and has a touch of arrogance about her. Diane is romantically seeing the President of a Middle Eastern country. SERIES REGULAR

Kayla Hashemi, Middle Eastern, 20s. Kayla is the humble and shy daughter of the President of a Middle Eastern country. She is close with her mother and wants to do anything she can to gain her mother’s approval. Kayla is somewhat old-fashioned and traditional. She is also very defensive of her father and gets upset whenever anyone begins to critize him.

Sondra Hashemi, Middle Eastern, 40s – 50s. Sondra is the pretty and loyal wife of President Hashemi. At first she does not seem to be happy with her husband, but we eventually see that there is a very real bond and respect between them under the surface.


Jonah Schwartz, any ethnicity, 20s. Jonah is a quirky and brilliant Systems Analyst at the government’s Counter Terrorism Unit. He looks more like a college grad student rather than a top secret undercover agent. He is somehow hip and geeky at the same time. Jonah is an expert at computer technology. SERIES REGULAR

Rob Weiss, any ethnicity, 30s. Weiss is the argumentative and tough Chief of Staff to President Allison Taylor. He speaks his mind and does not worry about being polite. Weiss is quick to strike back against the President’s enemies. He is a bit high-strung at times, but he does a great job protecting the interests of the administration. SERIES REGULAR.

Davis Cole, any ethnicity, Mid 20s – 30s. Davis is a former military guy who is now in charge of the Counter Terrorism Unit’s Field Operations. He has recently returned from time in the Marines in the Middle East, and he is now readjusting to civilian life. Davis aspires to eventually take a similar career path as Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). He looks up to Bauer and admires him. Davis is also romantically seeing his colleague Dayna Pakkala. SERIES REGULAR

Brian Hastings, any ethnicity, 30s – 40s. Brian is a clean-cut and businesslike man who is in charge of the Counter Terrorism Unit’s New York City office. He has a very keen and focused sense of intelligence about him. He choses his words very carefully when he speaks and never overeacts to anything. He seems like someone who would be comfortable trading stocks or running a company, but instead he has chosen to help contribute to running the agency. SERIES REGULAR

Farhad Hashemi, Middle Eastern, 30s – 40s. Hashemi is the Secretary of State of a fictional Middle Eastern country, and his brother is the President. He does not completely trust the Americans, and he is reluctant to enter into a peace treaty with the United States.