24: Day 7: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Season: 7    Episode: 11    First Aired: 3/2/2009        Prod Code: 7AFF11

When Dubaku’s evil plan escalates to his boss, General Juma, the stakes are raised and steadfast President Taylor faces a deepening foreign policy dilemma. Meanwhile, Jack Bauer’s staunch defiance to uncover conspirators inside the government has critical consequences. As Bauer’s by-the-book government adversary Senator Mayer heads to the White House for a meeting, another high-impact terror threat develops stateside. Malevolent mastermind and Starkwood honcho Jonas Hodges provokes the situation while Agent Walker leads the grueling investigation in the field and in the water. Stressed-out FBI agents struggle to cope with the circumstances, and Vice President Hayworth is brought into the fold. Read more on 24

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