24 – Episode 7.24: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM – Recap

24: Season 7
Episode 7.24: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Airs: May 18, 2009

After escaping from Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, Jack found a branch of a major Taxi Cab company.  He was seconds away from stealing one of the cabs, but Tony intervened shooting at Jack.  One of the bullets pierced a tank in the cab, leaving it leaking gasoline.  So at that moment, he thought the best thing to do was to blow himself up in an attempt to take Tony with him.  Tony, however, was quick, and stopped Jack from committing suicide.

At the White House, Ethan decided to show up again, revealing that he knew what Olivia did, as did Aaron. She offered to resign if he wouldn’t make it public, but he was determined to let President Taylor know the truth about her daughter.

While Tony was holding Jack, he flip flopped once more, and told Jack it was all a play.  He had no intention of using Jack to get the pathogen.  He said a man named Alan Wilson was behind basically every attack on 24.  He said everything he worked on that day was to meet him face to face, to kill him.  So in a way, he thinks it is a means to an end.  Then he told Jack he wouldn’t kill Alan, Jack would have to pull the trigger, so to speak.  Tony strapped a bomb to Jack’s chest.

Alan then arrived with his posse. After his men searched Tony and his girlfriend for weapons, he exited his limo.  They then brought Jack to Alan.  Just about when Tony was going to blow Jack up, Renee showed up in a helicopter, thanks to Bob’s laptop and a shootout pursued.  Renee found Jack, and disarmed the bomb.

Hiding in the warehouse, Tony shot his girlfriend while escorting Alan.  He confronted Alan.  Tony was about to pull the trigger when Renee shot him in the shoulder.  Jack shouted at Tony to stop, but he wouldn’t, so Jack shot Tony’s hand, which stopped him.

At a half hour left in the show, Jack was ready to be sent to the hospital. He spoke to Renee, who told him Alan denied everything, which was expected.  She offered to make him talk…Jack style.  She asked him what to do, but all Jack said was that he couldn’t tell her what to do, she just had to do what’s necessary. He told her to “Try to make choices she could live with.” This really feels like Jack is handing off the job of running the show to Renee.

At the White House, Olivia met with her mother and father, to tell them what she did. At first, President Taylor thought it was because she leaked the location, but Olivia told them that it was worse, she ordered the attack on Jonas Hodges. President Taylor was furious, but Henry wanted to cover it up, and then blamed his wife for not stopping their son’s death.

At the hospital, Jack was told the only thing they could do is induce a coma, so he wouldn’t feel a thing.  They told him he had a visitor, I thought it’d be Kim to save the day, but it was the preacher from before. They said a small prayer, before Jack said, “It’s time.” For what? Death? Coma?

In the White House, the President finally made her decision.  She had a sworn duty to obey the constitution, so Olivia was taken away by Aaron Pierce into Federal custody. This upset her husband, making her feel as if she lost her whole family.

At 4 minutes remaining in the show, Alan Wilson arrived in FBI Headquarters and went straight to the holding cell.  Janis asked Renee to sign transfer documents, but Renee wasn’t happy with that, she was determined to get answers. She cuffed Janis, and stepped into the room with Alan.

Kim showed up at the hospital, but was too late.  Jack was already in the coma. Kim said she wasn’t ready to give up, and asked the doctor if it was too late to try the experimental treatment.  It wasn’t, so the doctor made the call.  Ending day seven.

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