24 gets a two-hour prequel

Fans of 24 will have to wait until Jan 2009 as season 7 is scheduled to premiere next year. Ooh!!! Such a long time, but don’t worry as producers have decided to launch a 24 two-hour TV movie which will be covering the long gap between season 6 finale and season 7’s opening episode. Actually, it will serve as a prequel to season 7. Movie is set to air this fall before the beginning of season 7. Get ready to hook on.

Well, season 7 from series will introduce the first female president of United States and the Tony-winning actress Cherry Jones will be playing Madame President. Each season from series takes place in real time over a 24 hour period. Upcoming season is set in Washington.

Hey buddies!! It will be interesting to see how this movie manages to keep track with previous seasons and with upcoming seasons. If it will veer from the formula, or will be with traditional storytelling style? What you say? Well, I will not say any words before it releases. Click here to have latest 24 episodes, if you’ve skipped anyone. I’ll catch you later with more info on series and upcoming movie version. Stay Tuned.

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