24 is coming with season seven

So at last after the years long rumor game, now we can surely say that season seven is coming of 24 show. What if after four years of season six. Be cool because something is always better than nothing. Now in season six, Chloe’s baby will be three to four year old instead of being a new born. Also, the new president won’t be as new as previously thought. Perhaps that will have an important part to play in season 7’s plot. Watch your Jack again pushing the troubles away.

Now we are expecting the future story from the season seven as it is after thirteen years of its beginning so timeline should be in accordance. I think it should be 2014. Jack must have turned old behind our eyes. First time when Jack Bauer appeared he was 35 and now he will be 47 to 48 years old. Means he will equal the age of Kiefer Sutherland’s age in the season one. The season seven is going to premier in January of 2009 and in addition the Prequel, set and shot primarily in South Africa will be aired in November 23.

I am personally among the one who are waiting for the new season. Though I missed many of its episodes partially, but still as much as I watched, I loved it and it is still safe in my memory and I usually go for downloading its previous seasons in anticipation of the new upcoming similar dose of entertainment.

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