24: Mary Lynn Rajskub Bets on Deceased President

So after a long time, I have got an update about actress Mary Lynn Rajskub, who gave a rollicking performance in the action series, 24. Recently, the hottie revealed that featuring some of original characters in the spin-off movie of the show, would make her happy.

Well, before I let you know what she had said about the character of President David Palmer, I must remind you that you can easily download 24 from here, since the show is off air now.

According to Rajskub, the inclusion of David Palmer in the upcoming movie version would definitely appeal the fans. I also agree with her, because it was one of the vital characters and had lot to do with the further development of the plot.

In case you revisit the incidents including the character of the president, then catch 24 episodes online, because it’s not available on air.
I don’t know exactly, when the film will be released, but I can assure you that it surely takes you back to the days of 24 TV show.  Well, this action-drama is so amazing, that people will definitely throng the theaters to catch its movie version.

But what will happen, if the film doesn’t feature some of the vital characters like President David Palmer? I think it may fail to appeal the fans. More importantly, if it leaves out Rajskub’s character, Chloe O’Brian, then it is for sure that the movie will bomb at the box office.

It’s true that the character of Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, is of prime importance. But let’s not forget, that other characters like O’Brian and David Palmer are equally important to bring the amount of conflict required for spontaneity, in the plot. If you disagree with me, then watch 24 online here.

While taking about her inclusion in the movie, the ravishing screen siren said that Chloe O’Brian’s romantic link up with CTU agent Jack Bauer, would be a disaster for the movie.

Well, I guess it’s too early to discuss the movie. Since it’s not known when the movie will be released, you can always catch 24 episodes online and revisit the powerful action sequences of the show.
Until the next time, it’s good-bye from me.