24: President for 2011 Abe L. Blinder Award!

No folks, I am not talking about President Obama.

Though I am talking about the President, the person is someone else!
Got you confused? Still thinking what the hell I am talking about?


Let me break it down for you.

I am taking about Cherry Jones, who played President in the cult television series, 24. The actor grabbed an Emmy for the portrayal of President Allison Taylor in the political thriller.

And now Cherry will cross another mile stone in her life, as she is all set to receive the prestigious Abe L. Blinder Award!
Yes! The 54-year-old actor will be honored with the award at the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York spring gala. She would be conferred the prestigious award on June 13.

This lady is not someone new to awards and accolades, and this would add yet another feather in her cap. Along with the Emmy, her shelves would now adorn the Tony Award too. I must tell you that all these awards are something that any actor can give their right hand for!

Cherry is a known face in the world of theatre and has made her mark in the field of cinema. This award would be yet another milestone in her eventful journey. Cherry’s performance as President Taylor in the drama series 24, is considered one of the best ones of her career.

Watch 24 online or make a download of the same, to see the flawless actor stepping into the shoes of the head of the nation. Her big screen appearances also carry the same charm.

As of now, the countdown for Cherry Jones’ fans has begun. After all, it’s not every day that someone gets the Abe L. Blinder Award.