24 Season star Kiefer Sutherland will be seen once again as Jack Bauer

No one can forget the thrilling episodes of 24 TV series with amazing plot well performed by the talented actors.

Since 24 May, 2010, the day when the finale
24 episode was aired, people are not able to see the action of Jack Bauer. One of our favorite Kiefer Sutherland who played a brave CTU agent named Jack Bauer in 24 episodes overpowering terrorists is missed by each one. But the wait will end soon as Kiefer will be seen as Jack Bauer in ’24’ movie produced by 20th century FOX, same who produced 24 series.

24 TV series star Kiefer Sutherland was recently seen trying his hands on theatre also as he did a stage role in the play named “That Championship Season”.

The movie ’24’will be released in 2012 till then fans of Jack Bauer can watch 24 online and can relive the action, thrill and drama of the show.

The plot of the film will be similar to that of the show. And as we all know that each season had 24 episodes and each episode showing the 24 hours of Jack Bauer’s life, the movie will be similar to this.

Other star cast of 24 series is also busy in different projects. Mary Lynn Rajskub who played Chloc O’ Brian in last four seasons of 24 is busy doing a comedy show and a talk show. Remembering her exciting 24 episodes she affirms that she would return to drama sooner or later. Is this a hint for all of us that she will be seen in ’24’ movie?

Same is heard for Katee Sackhoff that she would be seen in ’24’ movie.