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#Daughter (2019) Official Trailer | Horror Movie

Daughter (2015) is a  horror movie directed by Pang-Chun Chan  and written by Pang-Chun Chan, Shirley Sau-Lan Yung Which is released in Hong Kong on 19 November 2015.  A Award-winning actress Kara Hui play a  mother .

Stars: Roydon Chio,Bo-Bo Fung, Kara Wai, Yanny Chan Wing-yan, Tak-Bun Wong, Qiuyao Yu.

Daughter  is a story about  a doctor and her teenage daughter who lives together. A mother noticed that her daughter display unusual behavior , something sinister  is taking over. Then Ghostly sighting begin to occur. Her mother called a priest to save here daughter from possession.

DAUGHTER Official Trailer Movie in VOD soon.

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