Day 6 : BB17 : TONIGHT Laura and Marco Play Sex Games in the Pod

Day 6 : BB17 :  TONIGHT Laura and Marco Play Sex Games in the Pod  #BigBrother(UK) #BB17 #Channel5

Marco reveals which he was bullied as a child and Ryan can feel at a loss for his new situation. Hughie and Natalie have a major row and Laura and Marco have fun with playing sex games in the pod.

At night, audiences noticed Victoria, Emma, Marco & Chelsea surprise away from home and in to the camera runs. Whilst Marco & Chelsea went back in the early hours of the morning – Emma came back to the house shortly after, without her sister.

Ater, Lateysha is cooking, Marco gets nearer help her and they talk about his background. Marco and Laura enter the Pod, he has his belt with him. Marco openly asks her to “Strangle” him to which she responds: “I’m not going to strangle you on TV.” Marco: “It’s safewhip me with it.” Laura straddles Marco and they giggle as she slaps his face with the end of the belt.

Air Date: 12 June 2016 on Channel 5

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