First look at some 24 Season 8 Casting

Farhad Hashemi:- Middle Eastern. Mid 30s to early 40s. He is the brother to the President of a yet unnamed Middle Eastern country (played by ANIL KAPOOR “Slumdog Millionaire”). Farhad serves as his brother’s Secretary of State, and is hesitant about a treaty they are making with the US…RECURRING ROLE.

Sondra Hashemi:- Middle Eastern, in her 40s, she is Arman’s (Anil kapoor) wife. An attractive woman. It initially seems she does not have the warmest relationship with her husband…RECURRING ROLE.

Kayla Hashemi:- Middle Eastern, she is the early to mid 20s daughter of Arman and Sondra. Kayla seems to live more in the shadow of her mother and is very protective of her father..sptv050769.RECURRING ROLE.