Gratified Kunal Nayyar Speaks on The Big Bang Theory!

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We cannot shy away from the fact that it’s this one slapstick character in the show, who has enormously exhibited versatility.

Who you ask?

It’s none other than Rajesh Koothrappali!


Brought to life on-screen by the super talented Kunal Nayyar, this is one man, who has, for long now, been associated with the show.

Raj may sound hilarious and perfectly amusing, but he is actually somebody who is very sensitive, even if he obviates Leonard to be friendly with his sister.

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An overwhelmed Nayyar was all praises for the makers of the show and was grateful to be a part of The Big Bang Theory TV show.

Last year, On being asked to share his experience, this is what the Indian actor had to say, “I haven’t lost my Indian accent because I’m not trying to blend in.”

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to tell people that my pure Delhi, St Columba’s School accent is the real deal, not something I consciously practise to sound more “Indian” or to make fun of Indian accents — like, say, the Apu character in The Simpsons. I’m proud of my culture; I wear it on my sleeve. The only thing is in 15 years in the US, I haven’t “lost” my Indian accent or “gained” an American one. My guess is that a lot of people sound more American as years go by because they try to blend in; it gives them confidence. I just didn’t have that problem.

He went onto say that it was almost like he was looking at himself, from the outside! However, he agrees that his life has not changed that much. He still has to sit back and think if he could actually be this lucky!

How sweet is that!

Kunal also said, “I keep pinching myself. I feel so humbled and blessed”

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