Pico de Neblina (HBO)

#HBO Brasil Releases First Trailer for Pico de Neblina

HBO Brasil Releases First Trailer for Pico de Neblina, the first season of 10 episodes , an hour each in duration which will  premiere on August 4th.

Story: Pico de Neblina takes place in a fictional San Pablo, where marijuana was recently legalized. The series tells the story of young drug trafficker Biriba (Luis Navarro), who decides to leave the criminal life behind and use his knowledge to sell the product according to the law, along with an investment partner with little experience, Vini (Daniel Furlan).

Biriba will have to deal with the weight and pressures of his past in the drug trade, his friend Salim (Henrique Santana) and the numerous traps in the business world.

Watch Pico de Neblina Teaser Trailer: