Kiefer Sutherland pays homage to his icon: His Grandpa

You must be thinking what makes our Jack Bauer emotional?
Don’t download 24 episodes to get some clues as the answer is not hidden in the show. If you really wanna know the same, continue reading. Kiefer is very attached to his grandpa. Do you wish to know who his grandpa is?

If you are an intelligent person, then you might be acquainted with the name of socialist icon Tommy Douglas. He is the person credited for bringing public health-care system in Canada. He would have been very proud on Kiefer if he has seen his work on 24. People crave to catch 24 full episodes online ‘coz of Kiefer. The craze of fans for Kiefer is awe-inspiring. If Kiefer is renowned, then his grandpa is more legendary ‘coz of his deeds. One of the questions that may be haunting your mind is why Kiefer is remembering his grandpa. Well, lemme tell you that he visited Weyburn, Sask, Douglas’s hometown to uncover Douglas’ statue.

It was a proud moment for Kiefer. Viewers can watch 24 season 8 online to catch those proud moments but there are rare chances when anyone get such real life proud moments. Besides being proud on grandpa, Kiefer was happy to visit the town. He said, “This has been such a desire of mine since I can remember. I was about five or six when I started hearing the stories from mother and from my grandma and grandpa about this amazing town.”

It seems that Kiefer is really connected with the place and he’s very obliged to them. Many of the people assembled in the crowd were fans of Kiefer who never miss an opportunity to get their hands on 24 TV show. You know what Kiefer told? He said, “It was very funny. My grandpa never wanted a monument.” However, he get it, all ‘coz of his great deeds, he’s still remembered. It’s good that Kiefer get a chance to spend such a great day. Now, I’m going to watch 24 season 8 episode 24 online. Yes! It’s the show finale, which I love the most. You can also catch the same with me.