MagicTheGathering Series coming On #Netflix

#MagicTheGathering Series Coming On #Netflix

Given the incredible popularity and longstanding history and famous name, it is surprising that no larger studio has successfully brought a fantasy game with Magic: The Gathering on a film screen or small screens.

Netflix, Hasbro and Marvel veterans Joe and Anthony Russo have decided to join forces and ultimately change and bring us an animated series based on the popular game.

Brothers Russo on the project will be included as executive producers, and mainstream screenwriter and showmakers Jose Molina and Henry Gilroy will oversee the creation of a brand new story, extending the story of players, unique heroes and wizards in the magical world.

“We are great fans and players of Magic: The Gathering Games since there,” the Russians said, adding: ” Getting the chance to breathe those stories through animation is a soul project for us.”

The entire project is just in the early stages so the date of release is not yet known.