Mary Lynn Rajskub Speaks on 24 Character, Developments Ahead

Viewers of 24 have been treated to a new Chloe O’Brian so far on season eight. She’s dyed her hair and she’s no longer the top analyst at CTU.

But the character is still good for a few awkward one-liners, while remaining ever loyal to true American hero Jack Bauer. In a recent interview with TV Guide, actress Mary Lynn Rajskub refrained from spilling at 24 spoilers, but
did open up a bit about what’s ahead…

On Dana Walsh’s past: In the next few episodes, there’s going to be some pretty twisted stuff happening. Honestly, you can’t really grasp what’s going on with her for many episodes, and we’re all just trying to do our own stuff. Although I give her a look and we suspect [something], it doesn’t really come out for a while.

On Chloe’s ties to Renee: Her and Renee join together a little bit… It’s already been shown that Renee is kind of nuts, but I will say that there is a support system down the line between Renee and Jack and Chloe.

On if this is the final season of 24: I have no idea. We’ve been wondering that all year. Every day I go to work, we wonder if we’re going next year. Right now, I’ve only read Episode 19 and 20, so I’ll be really curious to see what happen.