Mykelti Williamson Speaks on 24 Role

The location of CTU isn’t the only thing that’s changed when 24 premieres its eighth season on January 17.

The terrorist-fighting organization has also found a new boss: Brian Hastings, played by Mykelti Williamson. The actor, still best known for his role as Forest Gump’s BFF, spoke to TV Addict this week about his character on the Fox drama…

On Hastings: “He’s an a**hole! Well, at least for a while, but then he’ll surprise the audience by doing something redeeming so he can be an a**hole again later on.”

On the character’s future: “Should Hastings be eliminated at some point before the season is over, then I know they [the writers] have done what’s best. These people in the midst of this process know exactly what they’re doing and to second guess them is foolish. I’m just happy to roll with the punches as long as it works for the show.”

On new 24 castmates Katee Sackhoff and
Freddie Prince:” Katee is really full of surprises. When you read the script at home, come in and listen to her it’s completely different than what you thought  you heard reading it off the page. While Freddie is a lot more creative then I assumed he would be. I thought he was good but he is really, really good.”