New summer replacement show based on the popular TV series “24.”

Sadly, it looks like Jack Bauer’s “World-Saving” days may have come to an end. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he has to stop helping people.

Through my special contacts at TV Guide I have managed to get my hands on some top secret information…a new series featuring Jack and Chloe has been greenlighted. In fact, it is already in production.

I also managed to get some advance proof copies of the TV Guide listings. I think they tell the whole story. I’ll be posting these as they become available.

Here is Episode One.

FOX Premier of the new summer replacement show based on the popular TV series “24.” The series follows the adventures of CTU agent, Jack Bauer, and his trusty sidekick, Chloe O’Brian, as they travel the country in a Ford SUV getting involved in ordinary people’s lives and using their special talents to help them to solve their problems.

Tonight: Jack tackles his first assignment as a roving “angel of mercy.” At a local diner in White Fish, Montana, he befriends David Morrow, a young boy who tells him that his mother and sister died in a car accident.

Jack uses his special skills to track down and administer his own special form of justice to the driver of the other car. Chloe gives David a couple of lessons in computer hacking and he goes on to make millions infiltrating Wall Street companies’ records and selling their secrets.

Jack Bauer: Kiefer Sutherland
Chloe O’Brian: Mary Lynn Rajskub

Special Guest Appearance: Xander R. Berkeley as the ghost of George Maso.

Here, you can download the episodes of 24 by joining the website. Moreover, you can watch the online episodes as well. What are you waiting for, the upcoming clips are available here.