Jane the Virgin episode 92

Official Synopsis of #JanetheVirgin Chapter 92 |Promo #CW

The CW has released the Official Synopsis of Jane the Virgin episode “Chapter Ninety-Two” (5.11) that will be aired on Friday, June 5 at 9:00pm PM, ET/PT .

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Chapter Ninety-Two is directed the episode and written by Leo Zisman Liz Sczudlo.

Guest Star

Alfonso DiLuca As Jorge
Brooke Shields As River


With Jorge officially moved into Alba’s house with his stuff, it quickly has changed the dynamic, making Jane to uncomfortable. Rafael and Jane work on their co-parenting of Mateo now that they have a potential way to help Mateo. Rogelio has a new set of unexpected problems arise on set with River . Meanwhile, Xo (Andrea Navedo) is nervous about her last PET scan and what the results could show.