Rating : Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 “The Bells”

HBO top rated drama series come to near end , On Sunday night with the fifth episode of the eighth and final season of “Game of Thrones” With The Bells,the show disappoints again.

Take a look what was happened in episode 5 in GOT

Varys attempts to convince Jon to take the Iron Throne, but Jon refuses to betray Daenerys. Tyrion informs her of Varys’ plot and she has him executed by her last remaining dragon, Drogon. Daenerys decides to burn down King’s Landing at daybreak, but Tyrion tells her he has a plan to stop Cersei.

He meets with Jaime and tells him he has a plan to smuggle him and Cersei to Pentos after surrendering King’s Landing, but Jaime must convince her to agree to it. The next day, both sides prepare for battle as Jaime, Arya, and Sandor infiltrate King’s Landing.

Daenerys arrives with Drogon and destroys both the Iron Fleet and the Golden Company, allowing her army to breach the gates and enter the city. The remaining Lannister forces surrender, but an enraged Daenerys attacks the city itself, burning both soldiers and civilians. The allied army follows her lead, slaughtering everybody in their way much to Jon’s horror.

Jaime kills Euron and enters the Red Keep. Sandor convinces Arya to give up on killing Cersei and proceeds alone. Sandor engages The Mountain who in turn kills Qyburn when he attempts to call him back before sacrificing himself to kill the Mountain while Cersei and Jaime reunite. Their attempt to escape fails when the escape tunnel collapses on them, killing them both and their unborn child.

Jon Snow gives the instruction to retreat as civilians flee the crumbling King’s Landing. Arya witnesses the destruction of King’s Landing firsthand and is barely able to escape the city alive.

Here’s Game of Thrones Episode 72 Trailer:

The penultimate episode of “Game of Thrones” was deadly occurring, as well as we all expected.that’s not the best way to end a show.

Metacritic ‘s users Reviews :

pedroslr Review: this was the best show ever, but with this last ep the entire show goes to trash.   Rating:  0

mayramarcilio Review : Awful, disgusting, pure garbage! I can’t believe they did that with Daenerys, this is unbelievable. I was ready to be disappointed but they transpasse a limit I didn’t no that exists… Rating : 0

Sep14 Review: Writers have successfully Dextered this series. Horrible season. Very predictable in the worst possibly way. Rushed writing, so many unanswered questions. Rating : 0

Heber31 Review: ok episode, too long for an episode which made me a little tired watching and battle wast that good. Rating: 6

Source: Metacritic

I think so it’s worst episode of thorns’s history. All of besides i will give rating only 5.1.

Now, there is only one final episode left That will be air on 19 may.what will happen on next week’s series finale ? At last i am not ready to say goodbye.

Game of Thrones” airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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