The ’24’ Movie, Featuring Fugitive Jack Bauer

When 24’s last scenes unfolded on our television screens — you know, the one when President Taylor was convincing Jack to flee the country because everybody will be after him — it was quite obvious that his being on the run would take the spotlight in the planned 24 movie.

And, in an interview with TV Guide Magazine, executive producer Howard Gordon confirms just that. “Jack ended in a way like never before — as a fugitive from everyone,” he said. “Cold War themes bubble up, and it’s fair to say that Jack’s status as a fugitive remains that at the start of the movie.”

A first draft of the 24 movie’s screenplay, penned by Billy Ray, has already been submitted, and reports say they’re now looking for a director. But Gordon, who’s still tight-lipped about plot details, has quite a big plan: he hopes to put Kiefer Sutherland in the same place as Bruce Willis and Harrison Ford.

“Our idea is to make Jack Bauer someone we can revisit on a regular basis,” he said. To that, he hints at an appearance from Mary Lynn Rajskub, reprising her role as now CTU head Chloe O’Brian.