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“The Fosters” New Season 4 Spoilers: Watch the Special Trailer of the Season 4

“The Fosters” New Season 4 Spoilers:  Watch the Special Trailer of the Season 4 #Freeform #Thefosters

The Fostersis back in  this Summer .  Freeform‘s drama “The Fosters Season 4  will be off to a thrilling start, one that leads the school to go into a lockdown when Nick seemingly threatens some students.

Following what transpired during the season 3 finale Nick saw Mariana kissingMat Nick will go to a meltdown and brings a gun to the school when herealizes that the two may be back together.

Talking to TV Guide, executive producer Joanna Johnson shared that the first two episodes will have a different look and feel, “We’re trying to push the envelope of the vibe of our show. It’s very intense and dramatic and I’m really proud of these episodes.” She also noted that the premiere installment somehow relates to the instances involving guns and school in real life scenario, “It’s really pretty harrowing. It’s something that’s happening so much it’s almost becoming normal. It almost seems like a weekly occurrence that someone is taking a gun to school. We wanted to explore what the impact of this has on our schools and has on our kids,” she added.

According to Cartermatt, although the students are given the all clear to head home, tensions will be still running high especially in the Adams Fosterhousehold.

Fragile and skittish from the school lockdown, the family sticks close, but theirsecrets keep them apart,” the synopsis readsIt appears that they still do not know how they are going to handle the matter.

The Fosterseason 4  premieres on Monday, June 20 at 8 p.m. ET..

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Here is the Special Trailer of the New Season 4 of “The Fosters”