Watch Empire Season 2 Episode 14 (S2E14)Time Shall Unfold Stream Online [REVIEW]

Watch Empire Season 2 Episode 14  REVIEW :

When Andre comes over to talk to his wife and they both catch Anika in themidst of losing her dinner to some sad pregnancy nausea, Anika actually givesup the information much quicker than we might have assumed.So Rhonda and Dre are heading to help Anika get that too.Rhondre introduce Anika, who basically gets booed by the other associates ofthe Lyon family at Lucious’s mansion.So when Anika drops the big news – that she has totally pregs and Hakeem isthe father – everyone’s even less excited.

Lucious drops the bomb that Jamal is not the dad and Anika’s womb is againthe only current home of your viable Lyon heir… we know of.Not one to let his exes work their way into his family Lucious makes a surprisetrip to Anika’s house with an offering of a stuffed big cat and $10 mil if she’llhave the baby, give it to Hakeem, and then leave them alone forever.Anika seems to have learned something from the late great Camilla GradesWhiteman though and denies Lucious’s offer.

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