What you need to know about the 24 two-hour movie

Over the last months, we’ve been updating you on 24: Redemption, the two-hour Season 7 prequel movie FOX will air on November 23. It’s time for another update!

Thanks to E!‘s gossip queen Kristin Dos Santos, we got some nice intel about the two-hour movie. I was also able to extract tidbits of spoilers in a recent interview Kiefer Sutherland did with AOL. Here we go with the latest 24: Redemption spoilers:

  • The beginning of the film deals with Jack Bauer’s exile while the end of the film is about his own redemption.
  • General Juma, to be played by Tony Todd, is plotting a coup in Sangala. To make his plan work, Juma needs child soldiers and the help of Jonas Hodges (Jon Voight) to acquire automatic rifles.The two-hour movie will focus on Jack trying to take down Juma and Hodges.
  • How does Jack end up in Africa you ask? Turns out he is in Sangala working at a school run by one of his ex-Special Forces friend, Carl Benton.
  • Jack’s quest to take Juma and Hodges down starts when one of Juma’s men comes to the school to recruit kids to become soldiers. Luckily for our favorite agent, Carl has a few weapons stashed at the school for Jack to play with.
  • As you know, Jack must get captured and tortured by the bad guys at least once per day (aka season). So it’s no surprise when Juma’s men get their hands on him.
  • New US President Allison Taylor meets with President Daniels to finish up the transition between the two administrations. Expect tensions and conflicts.
  • In the movie, the distress felt by the inhabitants of Sangala is felt when a Sangalan woman will volunteer herself into sexual slavery if State Department Official Frank Tramell, played by Gil Bellows, helps her escape the country.

In other 24: Redemption news, FOX sent out a press release today announcing that never-before-seen stunning photographs taken during the shooting of the movie in Africa by five members of the show’s creative team, including Kiefer Sutherland, would be displayed at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles from November 10 through January 11. The photographs are composed of candid moments between the cast and crew, dramatic stills from the action sequences and vivd captures of scenic locations.

24: Redemption will air from 8 to 10 pm ET/PT on November 23. Then, on Tuesday, November 25, Fox Home Entertainment will release the DVD of the movie which will include a director’s cut with ten minutes of never-before-seen footage, commentaries, a behind-the-scenes on-location documentary, and a Season 7 sneak peek including the first 16 minutes of the season premiere.